Unusual but tasty goodies to serve your guests this CNY

Aside from red packets - at least for those who are still eligible to receive them, the best part about Chinese New Year must be the food. 

The oft-dreaded Chinese New Year visitations are usually made more bearable  thanks to the array of snacks that one can help themselves to (politely, of course).

Among relatives, I have always wondered if there is some underlying competition and one-upmanship involved in the display of snack trays come the festive season. 

As a guest, I am usually happy chomping down on my favourite new year snack - the shrimp roll, but it is definitely a bonus if your relatives take pride in what they dish out to guests and offer up some unique and tasty morsels.

Antoinette's Pang Kok Keong has come up with a dessert creation of the Yu Sheng, in the form of a large chocolate egg, on a "nest" of auspicious sweets such as chocolate fish, ingots and coins, mandarin orange butter cake and meringue kisses.

Or enjoy some nutty green pea cookies from Yang Yang Cookies.

Those who are looking for some interesting but yummy snacks that differ from the usual fare can check out this list compiled by The Business Times.

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