US boy survives 400 bee stings by pretending to be Dragon Ball character

A boy who was stung more than 400 times by bees in Safford, Arizona had to channel Full Force Power to survive the harrowing attack.

Yes, Dragon Ball fans, we're talking about the power-up move from the Japanese manga series.

Lying on the hospital bed and covered in red bites, 11-year-old Andrew Kunz revealed in a video interview that he was actually Vegeta, and that he used Full Force Power to protect himself while he was being stung.

Full Force Power strengthens and helps characters from the Saiyan race, like Vegeta, endure extreme pain.

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"I'm Andrew but you can call me Vegeta. I survived the 400 stings," Kunz went on to say as he fist-punched the air.

Considering he is allergic to bees but is now on his way to recovery, we're tempted to believe his adorable claims.

Kunz was playing with his BB gun with a friend last Monday (Feb 22) when he accidentally shot at a beehive, sending a swarm their way. The bees got Kunz when he fell, while his friend escaped, ABC15 Arizona reported.

Responders from the Graham County Sheriff's Office, Safford Police Department and Safford Fire Department rushed to the scene to rescue Kunz, who was then flown to Phoenix Children's Hospital.