US designer builds mini SIA Airbus A380 with manila folders

A time-lapse video of a US designer constructing a mini Singapore Airlines (SIA) aircraft with manila folders has gone viral, garnering over a million views on YouTube since Dec 2.

As part of the airlines' marketing campaign, the two-and-a-half-minute clip shows the process of how Luca Iaconi-Stewart builds the seats, before placing them in the airlines' Airbus A380 model.

The San Francisco-based artist's attention to detail was also highlighted in the video, which was evident from the fully reclined seats in the premium economy class to the sliding doors in the suites.

The video was later uploaded on SIA's Facebook Page, amassing over 6.6 million views, 81,000 shares and 136,000 likes.

According to a follow-up video posted on Dec 9, the model was made up of 3000 individual pieces that were cut using over 100 manila folders, and was completed in 41 days.

With the amount of effort and resources dedicated to complete the model, its end-result has left netizens awestruck.

YouTube user Rick Ricardio said: "OMG!!!! Perfect!!! I loved all the details! (sic)"

"Amazing. I'd go blind after about 2 minutes," added another YouTube user TheToekutter.

Iaconi-Stewart's latest work of art is not his first at building aircraft models. The 23-year-old first shot to prominence in 2014 by building a 1:60 scale model of a Boeing 777 jetliner.

Check out the gallery and video below to find out how Iaconi-Stewart constructs a mini Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 from scratch.