US family finds not one but 24 poisonous snakes in the house

Finding one poisonous snake in the house is horrifying enough. But to discover 24 uninvited slithery guests hiding there is an unimaginable nightmare.

The Mcfadden family in Texas found that out recently, after finding a rattlesnake wriggling out of their toilet bowl.  

Photo: Big Country Snake Removal

They called in a professional snake catcher, Big Country Snake Removal, whose staff then spotted 23 more snakes in other parts of the house - 13 in the cellar and another 10 underneath the house.

Photo: Big Country Snake Removal

The young master of the house, Isac, had wanted to use the bathroom when he saw the first snake, which had probably wormed itself inside through a pipe that was later sealed by the staff, who wrote about the incident on the company's Facebook page.

The boy's mother then used a shovel to kill the rattlesnake - the species reportedly responsible for most deaths caused by snake bites in the US.

Photo: Big Country Snake Removal

The family had no idea that the snakes - 19 adult rattlers and five babies - had been living in their house in Jones County.

Big Country Snake Removal posted photos on Facebook on Tuesday (Jan 31), with details of the incident.

Big Country's Nathan Hawkins told CBS that people who encounter a snake should "leave it alone" and phone an expert as "90 per cent of snake bites occur when someone's trying to harm the snake."

On their Facebook page, the snake catching company also explained why people don't notice the snakes in their midst.

"Rattlesnake are secretive and can be very cryptic. They rely heavily on their camouflage. This is simply how they survive. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there," said its spokesman.


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