Verdict on Honey Creme's soft serve ice cream

SINGAPORE - A recent report by The Straits Times reported long queues at Taiwanese dessert franchise Honey Creme at 313@Somerset so SPH Razor journalists when to check it out.

Is the soft serve ice cream that uses premium ingredients really worth the wait? 

Multimedia journalists Low Yi Qian and Olivia Chang got there and found that there was already a line formed half an hour before the dessert shop's official opening hours at 11am. 

Soft serve ice cream with unique toppings is currently all the rage in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Director and co-founder of Honey Creme, Sherry Lee, told SPH Razor that Honey Creme's soft serve is made of fresh milk and cream that's blended freshly everyday. There are no preservatives or stabilisers added so it tends to melt quickly. The toppings are organic and imported from overseas.

SPH Razor tried five flavours: Honey comb, pop corn, organic cotton candy affogato, organic mixed grains and dark chocolate.

Their verdict? Honey Creme gets a "Quite Shiok" from both journalists.

Yi Qian says that Honey Creme scores high for the novelty factor, but Olivia says she personally wouldn't queue for it.

Watch the video to find out SPH Razor's take on each of the 5 flavours they tried.

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