Vietnamese bikini cafe & other quirky cafes around the world

The cafe scene is thriving around the world, and with competition among businesses intensifying, cafes are coming up with more interesting, or even strange concepts to pull in the crowds.

Cafe Di Vang 2 is a Vietnamese coffeeshop in California that has only coffee and smoothies on its menu, but its male customers don't seem to mind.

According to a Fox News report, the menu may be limited, "but the service certainly isn't".

The draw here is that their female servers are clad only in bikinis. According to one waitress, the cafe is like "an Asian Hooters".

And from the sexy to the scary - in the quirky city of Tokyo, there lies a Vampire cafe that looks exactly like Count Dracula's mansion.

The food is international, with prices that reportedly could make your wallet bleed, but the experience will definitely be one of a kind.

And what about Wash Coffe in Germany, where you can order a cuppa, do you laundry, and lounge around while waiting for it to be done - talk about efficient time-management.

Here are more weird cafes around the world: