Village doctor without legs makes house calls on wooden benches

What doesn't break you, makes you stronger.

A village doctor from the outskirts of Chongqing, China, has shown just how remarkable the human spirit can be to triumph over difficult circumstances.

Ms Li Juhong lost both her legs in a car accident at four years old, but remained undaunted by her predicament. The determined woman strapped two wooden benches to herself and eventually succeeded in gaining mobility at the age of eight.

According to website Shanghaiist, Ms Li was driven by her childhood accident to become a doctor. Since graduating from a vocational school, she started work in 2001 at a clinic in Wadian Village.

Spanning the past 15 years as a village doctor, Ms Li has attended to 6,000 patients and worn out 30 benches. To prevent wearing out her wooden benches, her husband often carries her on his back to visit patients.

Ms Li told Chinese media: "Compared with most other people, I've gone through more difficulties, but I always tell myself that 'God helps those who help themselves' in order to inspire me to keep moving forward."