Waiter, there's a roach in my soup

Waiter, there's a roach in my soup

Her order was for a bowl of Nourishing Vegan Broth.

But when it came, the soup turned out not so vegan - there was a dead cockroach floating in it.

"It was the size of a tablespoon. Its wings were spread open and its legs were intact," Ms Carolyn Chee told The New Paper.

The discovery freaked the 42-year-old private banker out so much that she was "still traumatised" nearly three hours after the discovery.

The incident happened at The Soup Spoon outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall around 12.20pm on Monday.

Ms Chee was having lunch with her friends at that time.

Shocked and disgusted, she informed outlet staff about the shocking find.

By then, her stomach was churning and she requested a glass of water to rinse her mouth.

Ms Chee, who has patronised the joint before, said: "They (The Soup Spoon staff) said they were very shocked and surprised, adding that they will investigate the matter and get back to me.

"The whole pot of soup must have been contaminated, so how many bowls had been served before me?" When contacted by TNP, a person who identified herself as the outlet manager said the staff had apologised profusely for the oversight, adding that Ms Chee was then offered a soup of her choice.

'Too Scared'

But Ms Chee, who is terrified of cockroaches, said she was "just too scared to eat anything from there".

The manager said the staff do not know how the cockroach got into the soup, but the outlet stopped selling the soup after the incident.

Ms Chee has since reported the incident to the National Environment Agency (NEA), which has confirmed the incident. For similar food hygiene issues, a complaint can be lodged with NEA at 1800-2255-632.

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