Want to drink? At least stick to the coffeeshop please

Stomp contributor Night Stroller spotted this group of drinkers at a makeshift 'table' outside the boundaries of a coffeeshop in Yishun.

In addition, the Stomp contributor observed staff serving these customers outside of the coffeeshop.

He wrote:

"I don't think this is licensed.

"Every night as I walk pass this area, I notice this group of people drinking and talking so loud.

"Its not wrong to drink but I believe the coffeeshop only has the licence to allow drinkers to drink within the coffeeshop, but not outside.

"There isn't a problem if the coffeeshop isn't aware, but the coffeeshop should at least be able to recognise their own property.

"Next, I spotted the beer promoter also serving them by topping up their beer, meaning the beer promoters are aware but are ignoring the mistake.

"The place of the coffeeshop is Block 744 Yishun Street 72.

"Hopefully the rightful authority can step in to advise the coffeeshop to not allow drinkers to drink outside the licensed area except for 'taking away' product which is legal.

"I think the police can adopt the same rules as Little India in all coffeeshops too.


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