'We can see ash dust floating in the air'

Singapore has been adversely affected by the haze, with many people experiencing discomfort like sore throat and itchy eyes, and serious respiratory problems such as chest pains and difficult breathing. Facebook users are providing information and advice to help people cope better with the haze through pages such as “SG Haze Rescue”, “Places to Get Facemasks in Singapore” and “Creative for Causes (Singapore).

JOHOR BARU: Malaysians working in Singapore caught in the choking smog that had sent the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) level here to an all-time high of 400 said the situation is bad.

"Not only are we surrounded by thick haze but we can also see ash dust floating in the air," she said.

"Initially, I noticed people were reluctant to use masks. Now, almost everyone has one," said the 35-year-old lawyer who works at Raffles Place in the central business district.

She noticed fewer people going to work and accidents happening because it was difficult to drive in the haze.

Project coordinator Ho Yi Jian, 27, said he does not go outdoors without putting on a mask.

"I have been having problems with my throat, which is often itchy and dry," he said.

Ho said Facebook users are providing information and advice about the haze through pages such as "SG Haze Rescue", "Places to Get Facemasks in Singapore" and "Creative for Causes (Singapore)".

Senior PR executive Hazel Joanne Vincent De Paul, 26, who works in the Tai Seng area, said many Singaporeans were getting into the kiasu mode and freaking out more than necessary about the haze.

A friend of hers, however, rescues stray cats because she is afraid they might die because of the haze.

De Paul said the ones to be worried about were the elderly and the children.

Businessman Malcolm Choi, 44, agrees there is a bit of panic in Singapore, saying it is better to just stay calm.

"The haze happens every year and I personally think the Singapore government's pressure on Indonesia to address the problem only serves to cause tension between the two nations," he said.

He added that more protection should be given to construction workers and those who work outdoors for long periods.

What they say

Darin @dgcourriel: #Indonesia, do you really think it's normal to burn your fields and force #Malaysia & #Singapore to inhale the smoke for YEARS?? #haze #smog

SlicedBreadNumberTwo@slice dbreadno2: #myhaze Time to slip on gas mask. Feels like in an aftermath forest fire.

Xola Xavier @nanibiol: #myhaze I cannot go outside as I have asthma. I have locked myself in my room. Living room is also not safe for me.

PandaEyes @kraftwurker: furiously "vaping" to block out the smell of wood smoke. And by "vaping" I mean diffusing peppermint essential oil #myhaze

Hexa L. Surbakti @HadyaHexa: I hope the Indonesian government will take action soon about the haze in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

teohjitkhiam @teohjitkhiam: I'm already throat-wheezin' & mucus-drippin' at an API of 89 in KL. I wouldn't want to be at Pasir Gudang, Johor with an API of 310. #myhaze

Amu @Amu_Ma: #myhaze drink more water, wear sunglasses, use saline eye drops to overcome eye irritation, and stay indoors as much as possible.

dino delan @dinodelan: #myhaze The safest place to be right now is in a cinema watching World War Z!

Daniel Ryan @DanielRyan1: The news said the haze in Malaysia and Singapore came from Indonesia. Please clean your air. It's attacking us as well.

anis nabillah @belluvaz: Some had to wear double, even triple masks in Melaka and Muar. Every morning, am woken up by the smoke smell in the room #myhaze

Safwan Siddiq @safwansiddiq: Woke up this morning with a sore throat and runny nose. Maybe I should sleep with the windows closed for a few days #myhaze