Website churns purr-fect puns for cat lovers

The moment is finally here: the communication barrier between cats and us plebians has been lifted. 

For those who are saying "about time", a new website called Kittify will speak to all your feline communication needs. 

Cat owners can now take their love for their feline friends to the next level as they will be able to type sentences that will be translated into a purr-fect language for cat-lovers.

Yes, that's it. Essentially, the website churns normal words into cat-tastic puns (see what we did there?).

Available for download as a extension on Google Chrome, the website will translate everything - the good, the bad and the nasty - into puns for an animated cat to say.

This brings to mind a far more significant achievement in attempts to understand our furry friends, starting with BowLingual: a translation device that is aimed at deciphering dog barks. 

The device, which was developed by Keita Satoh, Dr. Matsumi Suzuki and Dr. Norio Kogure, analysed canine barks and categorised them into one of six demarcated emotional categories. 

This includes happiness, sadness, frustration, and neediness. 

The device was so acclaimed that it made Time magazine's Best Invention list in 2002.

Understanding purrs and barks are not all science has been able to do, though - there are apps that claim to differentiate between a baby's cries.

According to Reuters, one such app, the Infant Cries Translator "can differentiate between four separate crying sounds (hunger, wet diaper, sleepiness and pain) by recording the sounds of babies and comparing them against a vast database".

The app's accuracy for babies under one to two months is 84 to 85 per cent, while its accuracy for babies under two weeks is at an astounding 92 per cent. 

The app is available for download on the Apple and Google app stores, so new moms and dads everywhere can stop worrying about those undecipherable cries.