Weekly Roundup: Top 10 tech articles you need to know

1. PM Lee vows to hunt down Anonymous hackers

He says Singapore will 'spare no effort' to hunt down the hackers who last week threatened to wage a cyber war against the government.

2. Ah Boys To Men actor's social media accounts defaced for 'dissing the legion'

Ridhwan Azman had tweeted about how he felt #AnonymousSG was a 'joke' and 'stupid'. He later said through another Twitter account that his primary Twitter YouTube, Instagram, Gmail, Hotmail and Facebook accounts were hacked into.

3. Cyber threat against govt: It's an attack on you

You might believe ‘The Messiah’ and criminals like him should play judge, jury and executioner because the Government has failed to meet your needs. You might be tempted to believe he's attacking the Singapore Government, not Singapore. That's naive. This is him attacking you.

4. Taiwan Acer CEO resigns over 3Q widening loss

The personal computer maker reported a net third-quarter loss of $550 million.

5. New BlackBerry boss John Chen out to prove sceptics wrong

He says he has no intention of killing the money-losing BlackBerry handset as he looks to turn around the smartphone maker.

6. Chinese officials in Photoshop disasters

In the latest incident of disastrous Photoshopping of Chinese officials, the deputy mayor of Ningguo, a city in Anhui province, is seen 'visiting' an elderly woman with the lower half of his body missing.

7. Top 10 apps for your first iPad

Got your first iPad and wondering which apps you should try out first? Here are the top 10 apps to get you started reading, drawing, writing, browsing, watching, sharing and having fun on your iPad today.

8. Whatsapp hurting work-life balance

While convenient, the instant-messaging application has also inadvertently increased the pressure on employees to reply even on weekends.

9. SingTel fire caused by errant employee

It was caused by an employee 'not following strict maintenance procedures, including the use of an unauthorised blowtorch', said a statement from the telco.

10. 15 low-tech hacks for your high-tech gadgets

Your fancy devices were supposed to make your life easier, but how often do you find yourself fretting over how to keep them organised instead? Here are 15 simple tips to make living around those electronics less complicated.