Weekly Roundup: Top 10 tech articles you need to know

1. No mercy for hackers, says PM Lee

"At a minimum, it inconveniences the public, but potentially, it has much graver consequences. It can damage infrastructure and endanger lives," he said.

2. Man charged for hacking S'pore sites found hiding in KL

The high-profile hacker supposedly behind the recent spate of hackings isn't so high and mighty after all. Going behind the pseudonym 'Messiah', James Raj, 35, was nailed by the police in KL. He will be remanded at IMH for psychiatric evaluation.

3. Curious? Clicked? Your PC may be infected

Were you one of those who were curious about the images which appeared on subsites of the Prime Minister's Office and the Istana? Did you click on the URL posted on some forums?

4. MDA blocks extramarital dating website

Extramarital dating website Ashley Madison has been banned here, after Singaporeans objected to its recent announcement that it was setting up a local portal.

5. Human error to blame for fire at SingTel facility

Preliminary investigations showed that the Oct 9 fire at SingTel's Bukit Panjang facility was caused by a SingTel employee's use of an "unauthorised" blowtorch during "maintenance work".

6. 10 illnesses your electronics are giving you

Cybersickness, nomophobia and Facebook depression: Here's a look at some of the most common disorders your gadgets could be inflicting on you.

7. The worst types of selfies you should never take

Here are 16 of the worst selfies one can ever be guilty of.

8. Android smartphones dominate, Windows gains

Google's Android platform was used on four out of five smartphones sold worldwide in the third quarter, while Microsoft's Windows Phone showed strong gains, said a survey out Tuesday.

9. Apple's iPad mini with Retina display now available online in Singapore

The launch of the iPad mini with Retina display comes as the Christmas shopping season nears.

10. One of these Samsung Note 2 is fake: Can you guess which it is?

Can you tell which phone is real and which is fake from this picture? A contributor to citizen journalism website STOMP couldn't either, and only realised it later that he had actually been duped of $307 to purchase a counterfeit Samsung Note 2 on Ebay.