What does your favourite breakfast food say about you?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us the energy we need to go through our daily routine. Also, a good breakfast sets your mood right for the rest of the day.

Here's something you may not know, though. Your favourite breakfast food says something about you. Whether you choose to have some corn flakes with milk or good old pancakes, it is reflective of your personality.

Buzzfeed reveals what your favourite breakfast food say about you. Read on to find out more.


If bacon is your favourite breakfast food, you should be the go-to person for people's tough questions. Or even if it is for something simple like what should they eat. Bacon.


If this New York staple is your favourite, you're basically like Beyonce, according to Buzzfeed.


Biscuits as your favourite means you know how to appreciate life's flakier things. You also manage to have this glow about you. A special biscuit-lover glow.

4.Biscuits and gravy

If biscuits and gravy are your favourite, you are most likely to be cool. As cool as leather jackets, motorcycles, and definitely ice cubes.

5.Breakfast burrito

According to Buzzfeed, if breakfast burritos are your favourite, you are both a trendsetter and an enforcer. Who would have ever thought to wrap eggs up in a flour tortilla, and it ending up as a legit breakfast food?

6.Breakfast sandwich

If the classic egg and cheese is your favourite, you definitely have great taste. With or without sausage or bacon, you know just what belongs slapped inside a sandwich. Only really smart and cool people possess this kind of life knowledge.


Cereal is a gift from the breakfast Gods. Cereal-lovers are sweet and have an inner magnetism that no one can resist. You are the kind of person everyone just wants to be near, according to Buzzfeed.

8. Cinnamon rolls

If you love these sticky and lovable things, you are definitely lovable too!


Breakfast is never complete without coffee. If it's your favourite part of breakfast, you are most likely the kind of person who instantly lights up a room just by walking into it, according to Buzzfeed. You improve any situation, just like this warm and soothing beverage.


Lovers of pancake's French, feather-light cousin have a heart of gold, according to Buzzfeed.


If you love croissants, you are tremendously fancy and living the dream. You know, the dream everyone's always talking about? Yes, that one.


If donuts are what you love for breakfast, that means you keep it real. Unlike all the other fake breakfast eaters, you are mad authentic and don't try to hide behind the mask of pretentiousness. Way to go, donut lovers!

13.Eggs Benedict

If you love it when a poached egg explodes all over your breakfast, here's a secret: everyone wants to be you. Whether they make it obvious or hide it, there is no denying that fact.

14.French Toast

Buzzfeed says that if you are a fan of this squishy egg bread, it can only mean one thing: You are destined for greatness. Everyone will watch you and your maple syrup trail to the stars.

15.Fried eggs

What can be simpler than the classic fried eggs for breakfast? Absolutely nothing. Also, fried egg lovers get to use special terminology when ordering them - "over easy", "sunny side up", "over hard". If they are your favourite, it means you're doing everything right.


Fruits are definitely the healthiest option for breakfast. If you are a fruit-eating breakfast eater, this means you value a healthy lifestyle. You also have it going on, according to Buzzfeed.


If granola is your favourite, you are completely hater-proof. You never ever let the haters stop you from doing your thing. Unlike scrambled eggs, granola lends itself so seamlessly to being formed into a bar. And that is a good sign.


Let's be honest here, grits aren't the most aesthetically-pleasing food. So if your favourite are grits, it means you look beyond the surface. According to Buzzfeed, grits lovers radiate an aura of inner beauty. Not everyone can see beyond aesthetics like you, so don't worry too much if no one sees your worth.

19.Hardboiled eggs

If hardboiled eggs are your favourite, you make the world a better place just by being in it. On behalf of the rest of the world, we would like to say thank you!

20.Hash browns

If you have the special knowledge that crispy shredded potatoes come above anything else, you are a genius! This knowledge itself sets you apart from all the average people.

21.Huevos Rancheros

If this Mexican delight is your favourite, you are what's often described as a "winner." Not only do you win at life, you most definitely win at breakfast too. What else could possibly matter?


You are one of the special people who eats fish for breakfast, my friend. And there's really nothing wrong with it. If your favourite is lox, you have tremendous strength of character.


Muffin lovers basically have the best personality, according to Buzzfeed. You're most probably not one of those people who needs to have perfect hair and make-up to retract people's attention away from your horrible personality. In fact, you are the opposite!


Oatmeal fans, not only do you deserve an award for eating a healthy breakfast, you should get an award for being awesome too!


You must have an attitude if omelettes are your favourite. But a good kind of attitude, don't worry.


Yum, pancakes. If they are your favourite, it means you're basically a professional at breakfast. Buzzfeed suggests you put "eating breakfast" on your resume, just because you're so good at it.


Poptarts are flawless, therefore you are probably flawless if these are your favourite. In fact, you wake up flawless.


Sausage lovers are breakfast champions, members of an elite class of breakfast eaters. If you're lucky, you might even be sent on a train to represent your country in the Olympics for breakfast eating!

29.Scrambled eggs

You may not believe this, but if scrambled eggs are your favourite, it means you have hidden powers, according to Buzzfeed. Your hidden talents are very powerful and if you join forces with the other scrambled egg lovers, you could essentially rule the world.


It is a known fact that smoothie lovers are incredibly stylish. Just look at what you're wearing right now. Everyone loves it.


If toast is your favourite, you are basically made of sunshine! In fact, you probably don't even need a toaster. Buzzfeed suggests you rub the bread all over your body so that the sunshine from within will toast it.


You must be super hot if waffles are your favourite. Isn't that how it usually works when it comes to waffles and the people who eat them?


Last but not least, yoghurt. If this is your favourite, it just means you have a beautiful soul. According to Buzzfeed, if it is possible to see your soul directly, people will probably start crying because it is so beautiful.