What each colourful item on our CNY yusheng dish really represents

It has pretty much been a staple dish for Chinese New Year celebrations for as long as anyone could remember. Amongst the array of delectable home cooked meals on the reunion dinner table, this dish is probably the one that gains the most attention, and everyone whether young or old would have probably sampled it.

Yusheng takes the cake for being the funnest dish, and also the most colourful one. Nothing brings the family together than tossing a dish high up in the air, and the higher the toss, the better.

However, even as we take bowlfuls of this particular dish, it had not really come to mind, what each colour and condiment are. Here's to dissecting the dish, one toss at a time.

1. Shredded carrot

The shredded carrot adds vibrancy to the dish and indicates blessings of good luck. It can also mean that "good luck is approaching".

2. Shredded green radish

The shredded green radish symbolises eternal youth, and when one savours this dish it indicates the hopes to be youthful and vital for this festive new year.

3. Shredded white radish

The shredded white radish signifies prosperity at our workplace and a work promotion. It can also signify that one can progress at a faster pace in their workplace and can reach a higher level with each step that they take.

4. Pomelo

The pomelo symbolises luck and smooth sailing in our daily lives. It can also indicate the addition of luck or an auspicious value to one's life.


5. Sliced salmon

The slices of salmon symbolises having things in abundance throughout the year. It is a great thing to shape one's mindset early in the year, and the raw fish is symbolic towards seeking for more.

6. Dashes of pepper

Pepper is dashed on to attract wealth and treasures, because who would not want an extra dash of that in our life?

7. Olive oil

Olive oil is poured into the yusheng dish prior to tossing, encircling all the condiments, and to encourage money to flow from all places.

8. Plum sauce

The plum sauce is the binding condiment for the dish and it is also used in this prosperity meal in hopes of a sweet life, almost as sweet as honey itself.

9. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds sprinkled into the yusheng dish is symbolic of prosperity in one's business.

10. Deep-fried flour crisps

These fried crispy condiments tend to be a crowd favourite and rightfully so, for their crunchy and snack-like flavour. These signify a floor filled with gold, and that certainly does sound like a great prospect for Chinese New Year!

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