What is this extra 'ingredient' found in drink bought from Plaza Singapura?

SINGAPORE - A consumer was horrified to find a mysterious white object in her drink that she bought from a Plaza Singapura stall on Nov 18.

The Stomp contributor, who gave her name as Joyce, said that the strange white pieces in her drink had an egg shell-like texture.

In an email to Stomp, Joyce wrote:

"I bought a drink from a shop at Plaza Singapura yesterday (Nov 18) at about 3.30pm.

"I was drinking it halfway when I felt something hard in my mouth.

"I immediately spat it out and found that the 'extra ingredient' had an egg shell-like texture."

The Stomp contributor said she went back to the shop to enquire what it was, but the shop assistant denied that it came from the drink.

The Stomp contributor said:

"The shop assistant said it was impossible that it came from the drink.

"She then unhappily started making a new drink for me which I turned down.

"I also later realised that a photo I took earlier of the drink already contained the white object."

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