What his crib says about him

PHOTO: What his crib says about him

Loud wall colours and furniture equals flamboyant owner, right? Not necessarily. With the help of senior interior designer Dan Wu, Ruby Tan learns more about three single guys by peeking into their homes.

The boyish collector
Don Tan, 30, is used to hearing people gasp when they step into his bedroom for the first time.

Tell a man's personality from his home

  • Loud wall colours and furniture equals fl amboyant owner, right? Not necessarily. With the help of senior interior designer Dan Wu, we learn more about three single guys by peeking into their homes.
  • “Judging by his hobby, I think he’s a very homely person,” says Dan. “He’s also neat and organised; he displays his toys according to characters, rather than placing them haphazardly.
  • Dan says: “His toy collection is a sign that he’s young at heart. He’s also particular about details, as he’s made the effort to assemble almost all the toys on display in the glass cabinets. He’s even airbrushed some to change the colours. He’s particular about what he wants in life, and is very patient.”
  • ON SAYS: “While it’s true that I like to stay at home because of my hobby, I would love to go out more often. But I work long hours, so I don’t have much time to socialize," the crib owner says.
  • "I also take care of my mum, who’s a cancer survivor." he adds.
  • " When I do go out, which happens about once a week, I hang out with friends at clubs or bars – and I spend free Sundays looking at toys at China Square Central mall! But I agree with what Dan said about me being a patient and sentimental person. Looking back on what you’ve done is important – they’re memories worth keeping.”
  • The old stuffed toy and pictures of what his bedroom used to look like indicate that he’s a sentimental person who values and treasures his things, says Dan. “He has also kept his vintage collectibles in excellent condition – the boxes look as good as new.”
  • Alvin Kwan, 38, director of an interior design company, moved out of his parents’ place after he got his first job as a duty manager at a petrol station after National Service.
  • Dan says: “This is defi nitely a creative guy with good taste – possibly loud and outspoken, because of the bright colours and the luxury toys and art that he collects. He’s selective about what he collects, which shows he is decisive and knows what he wants."
  • " He’s also confident and carries himself well – he’s proud of what he presents to people, whether in work or his personal life.”
    “Dan is right on almost all counts. I do know what I want and am very decisive. I am also proud of my work, and seek constant improvement – I tend to get bored easily, especially if my career is stagnant. "
  • " I do, however, fi nd comfort in familiar things when it comes to food, movies and places. I actually don’t use or buy that many skincare products – most of those in my bathroom were gifts from close friends. "
  • "I do spend quite a bit on clothes, but not often. I take care of my clothes well and many have lasted for years, so I don’t have to shop so frequently. But I try not to wear the same thing again if I’m meeting someone for a second time.”
  • “From the well-stocked bar, I’d guess that he likes to entertain. But it could be because part of his home is also his office."
  • “His bathroom tiles and walls look new, so I’m guessing that he changes up his interiors whenever something new or better comes along – he probably seeks constant improvement in his life."
  • "Looking at the number of grooming products he’s got, I’d say he spends a lot of time on his appearance. He likes to present himself well.”
  • “David looks like someone who likes to entertain,” says Dan, who points out the bottles of alcohol and the five-seater sofa in the bachelor’s pad."
  • “The neutral colours he chose indicate that he’s a down-toearth and quiet guy. Someone with simple wants and needs.”
  • “He’s very organised – his bed is made! Most guys who live alone don’t bother.”
  • Dan says: “You can tell a lot about a person based on his study. It’s a very personal space and guys tend to keep their more telling items there. David seems to be an intellectual person – he’s got a lot of books, such as financial and self-help ones.”
  • “He still keeps photo albums with pictures of his childhood up to university days, and even those of his ex-girlfriends. People don’t usually hang on to such things.”
  • “The stove area is clean and he arranges all his things neatly. Looking at the range of condiments – sesame oil, Chinese wine and Worcestershire sauce – he’s probably an experienced cook too.”
The luxury watch sales associate has over a thousand toys and manga figurines (“I’ve lost count!”) that are neatly displayed in glass cabinets and packed in boxes.
He even lines his cabinets with dust strips to protect his toys. Don, who lives with his parents and elder brother in a five-room fl at in the Holland Village area, got into his hobby when he was only 10 – after watching the Transformers cartoon series.

“Toys were costly back then, and I didn’t get many from my parents. So I was determined to buy everything I wanted when I earned my own money,” he explains.

His mum has no complaints as long as he cleans his room.

And his dates? “I usually give them time to absorb everything. I love their shocked and bemused expressions when they see my room,” says the singleton. But if it ever comes down to a decision between his toys and a woman, he’s got no problems giving up his collection.

“If I’m lucky, she might let me buy some back in future,” he says.

The flamboyant decorator

If you guessed that this snazzy place belongs to an interior designer, you’re right.

Alvin Kwan, 38, director of an interior design company, moved out of his parents’ place after he got his fi rst job as a duty manager at a petrol station after National Service.

He’s stayed at two other rented apartments before moving into his current pad – a 955 sq ft twostorey conservation shophouse in the Orchard Road area – which he bought three years ago.

He spent a six-figure sum renovating his home so it could double as an offi ce space for his company.

Alvin collects designer toys and art (“I like them colourful and cheerful”), from sculptures to oil paintings and installations from local as well as international artists.

He displays his treasures much like a gallery would – by grouping them according to collection and how they complement the wall colours. He’s even meticulous about his books – they are organised according to type and height.

“I would know if someone moves any of my displays slightly,” he reveals.

The low-key minimalist

David Chua, who has been living on his own since 2007, bought this 1,000 sq ft four-bedroom condominium unit near East Coast Park because he "wanted to live near the sea".

Says the 34-year-old portfolio manager at a financial institution: "Town is a quick 10-minute drive away and I like that the development is off the main road, so it's quiet." A fan of the beigeand- dark-wood furniture combo, the singleton spent about $30,000 doing up the apartment, keeping it simple and minimalist with neutral colours

DAVID SAYS: "Dan's observations are spot on. I'm the go-to person among my friends when it comes to hosting parties. I host several times a year at my home and I cook for my guests - dishes like roast chicken, braised duck, and Western food such as risotto, pasta and paella. I do love to read and travel, especially to exotic places - I went to Morocco last year and recently returned from a visit to Nepal. I wouldn't call myself a quiet person, but I'm not loud either. I do value my privacy and the occasional alone time though. I'd say I'm friendly, thoughtful, easy-going and adventurous."

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