What's new in Word 2013

The world's most popular word processor is back, and it has many new nifty features to look out for.

The new Read mode lets you view your documents in a comfortable reading view with the editing toolbar hidden. This minimises distractions, but you can switch to a different mode quickly if you need to make edits. Designed for the touch-interface, you can now double-tap with your finger to zoom into a specific image, graphic or chart and then tap outside the object to zoom out.

Word 2013 is one of the programs which comes with the Office Professional Plus in Office 365, which lets every subscriber install Office on five PCs and five mobile devices.

You can save your documents to Skydrive and have the settings automatically synced across each device. That way, you can resume reading with Word on a device that is different from where you left off.

It is not enough to use just words alone in your documents these days. Now, you can embed online videos directly into a Word document and play it without leaving the document.

You also do not need to pay for another programme to read and edit PDF documents. Word 2013 now lets you edit paragraphs, lists and tables in PDF documents, just like in your familiar Word documents.

Comments now have a reply button. Using it, you and your colleagues can discuss and debate whether changes should be made to a document without having to open a separate chat window or making a conference call. When the comment is addressed and no longer requires attention, you can mark it as done and grey it out. That way, users can see which areas still require attention and are unresolved.

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This article was published on Jan 22 in Digital Life, The Straits Times.

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