When to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung says that the Galaxy S5 has improved camera technology and better protection against water and dust.

SINGAPORE - The best time to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 is in May, according to price comparison engine PricePanda.

The splashproof and dustproof smartphone was unveiled on Monday and will be available in 150 countries from April 11. It will have an approximate retail price of US$888 (S$1,100), but PricePanda predicts it will cost about 24 per cent less after a month in the market.

The website analysed the price trends of Samsung's previous flagship smartphones and found that they all follow a similar pattern.

"The price decline in the first quarter after the release is particularly interesting. This trend is more evident with each new Galaxy generation," said PricePanda in a statement.

"Three months after their launches, the previous Galaxy models were offered for a significant lower price by online shops on PricePanda: the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 were 13 per cent and 14 per cent cheaper respectively. Prices for the Galaxy S4 show a significant drop of 18 per cent.

"Similar developments could bring down the price for the Galaxy S5 around 24 per cent only twelve weeks from now," it added.

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