When healthy foods can also be bad for you

Tomatoes and oranges are good for you but did you know they could wear away your tooth enamel if you eat too many of them in one sitting?

That's because of their relatively high acidity, which could be neutralised by eating crunchy fruits like apples which stimulate saliva, Chicago Tribune quoted dietitian and nutritionist Elisa Zied as saying. She recommended sticking to no more than a cup of tomatoes and an orange a day.

This is one of the several examples listed by Chicago Tribune of how even healthy foods, when taken in excess, can turn out to be harmful to your body.

"For one, anything that has calories - even if they're quality calories - can add up if your portion gets too big," Zied told Chicago Tribune. "Also, if you overdo any one food, you will leave less room for other foods that provide a different mix of nutrients."

Check out the gallery below to find out how seven healthy foods, from olive oil to fruit smoothie, can be bad for you when you overindulge in them.