Where to pick up healthy bento sets in the heart of Singapore's CBD

A common travel-related gripe is that being in an unfamiliar place often means having to toss one's diet plans out the window. And business travellers have it harder, faced with a lack of time to search for healthy meals in between meetings.

If you're earnestly watching your calories (or just your waistline), there's a new bento bar in the heart of Singapore's CBD that makes things easier. With none of its set meals comprising over 500 calories (each portion of food is fastidiously weighed and the calorie count is stated on boxes), Lean Bento is precisely healthy.

Low in carbohydrates and high in protein meals include honey mustard chicken breast patties served with cabbage salad, multi-grain nigiri rolls, stewed shimeji mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, crunchy broccoli and cauliflower, and a runny egg.

The well-balanced meal (457 calories) packs a punch in terms of fibre, with flavourful, oven-baked meats that retain their juiciness. Other choices include salmon and Japanese shirataki yam noodles, which have a satisfying chewy texture.

The vibrantly hued meals are fresh and filling with generous portions of meat, so you probably won't be hankering for that mid-afternoon cupcake.

Clean eating is all the rage right now, and this concept is also something that Lean Bento takes seriously. Meats are obtained from halal-certified outlets, vegetables sourced daily from vendors selling organic or non-GMO produce, and meals prepared without artificial flavouring.

Drinks are made with alkaline water, while gluten-free muffins make for a sweet yet guilt-free end to the meal.

With such healthy eating, perhaps you'll be motivated to squeeze in an hour on the treadmill at your hotel gym.

This article was first published in Singapore Airlines’ travel magazine, SilverKris. Go to silverkris.com for more travel stories.