Where you should go to in Europe

Europe is too large and beautiful a country to only have a city that one can call his/her favourite.

In June 2014, the team of editors of travel guide Lonely Planet released their top 10 European city picks. Apart from the economic crisis, one does not need to think hard or even consider why Greece came in first on the list.

In a bid to entice tourists amidst the financial crisis, prices in Greece have been greatly reduced. Santorini, the magnificent island known for its volcanic geology, was even included in the European Backpacker Index for 2014.

For wine lovers, pay attention. The Aegean Islands was also voted as one of the best wine travel destinations for 2014.

Overall, Greece now has fewer crowds and emptier beaches, which means a more enjoyable experience for anyone who visits the country.

The next two destinations on the list were Ljubljana in Slovenia and Southwest England in Britain.

The tongue twisting pronunciation of Ljubljana should not stop you from visiting this green city. It is currently one of Europe's cleanest and most liveable cities according to Lonely Planet. Adopting a culture of nice cafes in the day, this place transforms into a colourful city filled with nightlife after sunset.

As for the postcard-perfect Southwest England, every view of the city is very possibly a picturesque one. One can appreciate the breathtaking scenery as he/she bikes through the lovely city.

The city is also known to be one of the most creative in producing local cuisine so be sure to try some of the famous dishes like the bath chaps which is a pig's cheek coated with breadcrumbs and eaten cold like ham or the Colston bun which is a ring-shaped Bristol bun filled with dried fruit.

The remaining cities on the Lonely Planet list also include Viking in Denmark, Plzen in Czech Republic and Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

For comparison, in another survey done by Europeanbestdestinations.org, online voters picked different cities as top destinations in Europe.

These include Porto in Portugal, Zagreb in Croatia, Vienna in Austria and Berlin in Germany.