Why choose Office 365

There's Only One Office

Your business demands the best. Microsoft Office is the gold standard in office productivity software and offers a no compromise solution for your business needs. For over 20 years, Microsoft Office has revolutionized the way over a billion people around the world work and collaborate. With Office 365, Microsoft now offers the most complete cloud productivity service available today, combining the desktop version of Office with advanced enterprise capabilities to allow businesses of all sizes to transform the way they work.

Cloud solution

Microsoft's Cloud Solutions power over 20 million businesses around the world.

All over the world

Over 1,000,000,000 people on the planet use Office.

You're in good company

Join the world's greatest companies: SATS, Pokka Corporation, NTUC Unity Healthcare, Tiger Airways, Kah Motor, Ryobi Kiso, ADEKA Singapore, Dynasty Travel, SD Group, Metropolitan Management Services, Saw Meng Tee & Partnerships, KTP Consultants, Dou Yee International, DP Architect and many more.

Get Office 365 - the solution for businesses of all sizes and needs.

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Work Together, Better

Wouldn't it be great if you and your team had a single place where you could get work done together and stay in sync with each other? Office 365 allows you to do just that. You can create a site that serves as a home base where you and your team can share and organise your resources like notes, documents, schedules, conversations, and much more. No more running around to find what you need. Just go to your team site to get what you want, and then share it instantly with the whole group.

Collaborate in Real Time

With rich, real-time co-authoring you and your team mates can work on important files at the same time and track the changes being made. For even more effective online working sessions, start an HD Video Call with other contributors using Lync, right from within your document.

Find what you need

Now you can search for information at work just as easily as you do on the internet. With Office 365, all your organisation's documents are securely stored in the cloud so you can quickly find what you need across sites, notes, documents, videos, people, or conversations. Don't worry about coming up with the perfect keywords; pinpoint exactly what you need.

Stay on track, deliver on time

Isn't life grand when all of your projects are on track and you meet all of your deadlines? Office 365 can make your life easier by helping you organise teamwork around common milestones. Assign people tasks that can be tracked and prioritised, while you keep an eye on important details with a real-time project summaries and alerts.

Work together, better, with Office 365

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Anywhere Access

Out of the office? No problem. Office 365 is designed to help you stay productive from any location, on any device. In short, your files, info, settings and applications aren't stuck on any single PC or device; instead they're stored in the cloud and available to access from all of your devices, even if you're offline. Work together across teams and across the globe. Instead of lots of people creating multiple versions in different places, everyone can work on the same documents even at the same time.

Optimised for touch

Stay productive no matter what device you're using. The new Office 365 is built from the ground up to make the most of Touch, Pen, Mouse & Keyboard. Switch between input methods with the touch of a button and watch the interface adjust to help you do your best work.

Make informed decisions

PowerPivot transforms Excel on your Windows 8 Tablet or PC into a powerhouse that lets you easily combine massive amounts of data. Power View lets you explore, visualize, and present data in compelling ways, and then quickly share it with others. Now anyone can easily dig into data to make informed decisions on the go.

Stay in sync

Manage your time and resources with ease. Edit an appointment on your phone and see it update on all your devices. Control your own privacy within the organisation and publish calendars online that others can subscribe to.

Stay productive from anywhere, with Office 365

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Always Up-to-Date

With Office 365, you can count on always having the latest versions of the applications you rely on to run your business*. Updates are automatic and unobtrusive, helping keep your organisation safe and productive with the most up-to-date versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Lync and more for your PC.

Stay in the know

Get real-time availability, status, photos and location information with enhanced instant messaging to connect efficiently and effectively. Make voice calls through your computer to other users inside or outside your organisation using Lync or Skype.

Work on the latest version

All your files are automatically saved online, even the ones on your PC, so it's easy to access, edit, and share your latest version on the go. With built in Automatic Versioning, you can keep track of changes and even revert to an earlier version.

Automatic upgrades

Once you're on Office 365, you'll never have to upgrade again. Office 365 makes sure you're always running the latest version of your applications. Most updates take place in the background keeping you safe, secure and productive.

Get an Office that's always up-to-date

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Worry Free IT

Office 365 provides peace of mind that the services you need are available and secure at all times. Our market leading 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee is financially backed, letting you focus your IT resources on more important projects. Additionally, because Office 365 is always on, it can be set up and deployed company wide in minutes, with your users taking control of their own preferences.

99.9 per cent Chance of Cloud

Office 365 provides peace of mind that the services are available and reliable with a financially backed 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee. Not only are our data centers located in seismically safe zones, but you can choose to have your data backed-up in multiple locations.


Deploy Office 365 in less time than ever before with Click2Run virtualization for Office 365. Set up new user accounts in seconds and let them take control of their office settings and preferences with ease. Your users can start working, even while the applications are still installing.

Peace of mind

"Office 365 provides great capabilities, and when you really look into it, much greater peace of mind in regards to privacy and security than almost any organisation, including Plunket, could offer with its own IT." Craig Le Quesne, General Manager ICT, Plunket.

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Office 365 offers robust, built-in security features that empower organisations. Microsoft is an industry leader in cloud security and implements policies and controls on par with or better than on-premises data centers of even the most sophisticated organisations. Office 365 proactively identifies and mitigates security threats before they become risks for customers.

No Data Mining

Office 365 does not build advertising products out of customer data. We don't scan your email or documents for building analytics, data mining, or advertising, or to improve the service.

Your data belongs to you

Office 365 customers know where major Office 365 data centers are located, who can access that data, and under what circumstances that data can be accessed.

Independently verified

Microsoft Office 365 is compliant with world-class industry standards, including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA, and it is verified by third-party auditors.

Get Office 365 - the solution for businesses of all sizes and needs.

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