Why no Pioneer Generation benefits at A&E


MR DANAM Raphael asked if the Pioneer Generation card could be used at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments at public hospitals ("Pioneer Generation card not accepted"; Feb 14).

The Pioneer Generation Package provides health-care benefits for all pioneers, for life.

Pioneers who require non-emergency treatment can enjoy special subsidies at Community Health Assist Scheme clinics, and an additional 50 per cent off the bill for subsidised services and medications at public hospital specialist outpatient clinics and polyclinics.

Pioneers will also receive yearly Medisave top-ups and special MediShield Life premium subsidies at the end of this year to help offset medical costs.

The Pioneer Generation benefits do not apply to A&E departments at the public hospitals, which serve patients with critical, life-threatening medical conditions or have suffered accidents which require emergency attention.

The charging practices at the A&E are kept simple, as the focus is to ensure that patients receive vital emergency treatment that they require.

Patients who need to be admitted for further medical treatment or investigation are able to pay the A&E fee as part of their inpatient bill with Medisave and/or MediShield coverage.

Pioneers may also use their yearly Medisave top-ups to further offset the remaining bill.

Patients who face difficulties in paying for their A&E and inpatient fees can approach the medical social workers in the public hospitals for assistance.

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