Why Pacquiao's happy Mayweather knocked out sparmate

Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao

MANILA - If the intention is to get the attention of Team Pacquiao, then it has succeeded.

But Pacquiao's reaction to reports that Floyd Mayweather Jr. knocked out a sparring partner with a body shot was contrary to what the Mayweathers (Floyd as well as trainers Floyd Sr. and uncle Roger) expected.

Rather than be awed, Pacquiao and assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez regard the development as pleasant news.

Mayweather turning into an aggressor for his May 2 Super Fight with Pacquiao at MGM Grand in Las Vegas is exactly what Pacquiao's camp is hoping for.

"I hope the reports are true," Pacquiao told Philboxing on Monday. "He should be aggressive during our fight so we can make the fans happy. We all know how he fights. In fact, his previous fights lulled me to sleep."

Though he acknowledged Mayweather's skills, Pacquiao never liked the unbeaten American's ring style.

"I hope, this time he would be man enough to take some risks," said Pacquiao. "He should prove to the world that he's a fearless fighter, not a runner."

Fernandez, who supervised Pacquiao's first week of training at Freddie Roach's Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, was more blunt: "If that (report) is true, then the fight is over."

He said the fight will not go the full route if Mayweather decides to battle Pacquiao toe-to-toe.

Fernandez isn't optimistic, though, that Mayweather will be on attack mode throughout the 12-round fight.

"I believe that once he gets hurt he will revert to his old fighting style," Fernandez said.

Meanwhile, former undisputed heavyweight king Mike Tyson believes that Mayweather should attack if he is intent on claiming Pacquiao as his 48th straight victim.

"Floyd got to fight in the first couple of rounds," said Tyson in a video post by The Sweet Science. "He has to fight."

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