Winning ways of McDonald's manager

PHOTO: Winning ways of McDonald's manager

The McDonald's manager who picked up a Super Star Award for service excellence on Wednesday has customers who visit the outlet to talk to her.

Said Ms Christina Ong, 27, first assistant manager at the branch in HarbourFront Centre: "In the service line, you have to be sincere and serve from the heart, and build relationships with people.

"So no matter how busy I am, I make the effort to chat with regular customers when they come."

She received the Super Star Award - the highest service honour - at the Excellent Service Awards for the food and beverage industry.

Held at the NTUC auditorium on Wednesday, the annual event is organised by the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) and supported by Spring Singapore.

Ms Ong, who graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in project and facilities management last year, said people asked her why she decided to join McDonald's full-time. She had worked part-time for the firm since she was 16.

"I've worked in an office environment before but I don't think I am suited for it. I like meeting customers," she said.

A total of 1,496 awards were given out - 861 Silver Awards, 434 Gold Awards, 200 Star Awards and one Super Star Award.

Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, honorary adviser to the RAS, said he hopes the awards will motivate and encourage more Singaporeans to join the industry, which is currently facing a manpower shortage.

Noting that the industry is viewed as having 3Ls - long working hours, long weekends spent working and a long wait for career advancement - he said: "We want to change this perception and show people that this kind of work can be rewarded and deserves national recognition."