The Wireless Registry launches first global registry for wireless names

The Wireless Registry has announced the launch of the world's first global registry for wireless names.

In the same way the Domain Name System (DNS) unleashed the power of the Internet, The Wireless Registry unleashes the power of the Internet of Things.

From Wednesday, individuals and businesses could register wireless names, associate content to these names, and provide meaning when they are detected.

This new registry allows anyone to take control of their proximal identities and create and use new services and applications to engage with their proximal surroundings in ways never before possible.

For brands and agencies, the registry will instantly create millions of virtual proximal billboards. For retailers, it delivers a simple and easy way to engage consumers on a hyper local basis with daily deals, coupons or other forms of commercial engagement without requiring them to connect to their Wi-Fi.

For individuals, the registry provides a proximal dimension to their interactions on social media as well as a tool to declare how they want their proximal identities to be used.

Individuals and businesses can register their SSIDs by visiting For a limited time, The Wireless Registry is offering a free first year subscription to the first name registered, and the standard year subscription price of US$4.99 for all subsequent names.

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