Woman badly injured by exploding computer chair

PHOTO: Woman badly injured by exploding computer chair

A 24-year-old woman from Fuijian, China was sitting in front of her computer when her chair suddenly 'exploded', sending pieces of steel into her body.

Chinese media reported that the incident resulted in the woman being severely injured.

It was reported that at the hospital, emergency surgery doctors recovered a dozen screws and fragments of plastic from her flesh and managed to save her.

The woman's brother, who gave his name as Liu Xiao, said that she sat in front of the computer after coming out of a shower.

She was sitting in the chair drying her hair with a hair dryer when suddenly, the chair exploded with her on it. He said that she whispered that she was in pain before losing consciousness.

She suffered terrible injuries to her lower body from thick iron springs and scattered screws.

 According to reports, her intestines and vagina were pierced by a steel rod. Doctors saved her by removing a dozen screws and fragments of plastic from her flesh.

In 2008, media reports said that a 65-year-old man was injured in the back and arms when a 150mm long steel rod was ejected out of an exploding chair with such force that it hit the ceiling.

In 2009, a 14-year-old boy from Shandong province in China was reportedly killed by his exploding chair.

According to Dongnan Daily News, an industry insider said that there are three types of air-lift chairs on the market: hydraulic pressured, mechanical and gas pressured.

The majority of cheap air-lift chairs are gas pressured, however, some manufacturers take it one step further by filling it with pressured air to lower the costs. This dangerous step, the insider said, was likely the cause of the explosion.