Women-only cabins not working elsewhere

I AM a frequent user of Kuala Lumpur's suburban trains from KL Sentral, and these have women-only cabins ("Women-only cabins not practical in Singapore"; yesterday).

The other cabins are usually jam-packed with men and families travelling together.

Who suffers?

It is the women and children travelling with their husbands and fathers, as families do not want to split up in the trains.

The spread of commuters is uneven, with standing room still available in the women-only cabins, while other cabins are filled to capacity.

Dubai has a similar system and the situation is the same as in KL.

I am a frequent traveller and have used subway systems all over the world.

Most, for good reason, do not have separate cabins for women.

Yes, our women need to be protected, but let us find other means to control crimes committed against them.

This article was first published on Mar 13, 2015.
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