10 types of bras for different occasions

Bras today are a stark contrast to early designs of the past. From sports bras to adhesive bras and even Victoria Secret's Fantasy Bras worn by models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, there is indeed a bra for every occasion.

Nothing is worse than seeing a woman wear a glamorous gown with a bra strap sticking out.

Fashion blog Alight lists ten kinds of bras for different occasions that allow you to look and also feel sexy at the same time.

If you are attending an evening ball and wearing a dress with a low neckline, try putting on a deep-plunge bra instead of a normal T-shirt bra to avoid showing your bra inappropriately.

On occasions where you might pick a tube dress to wear, donning a strapless bra will ensure that there aren't any unsightly bra straps showing that could make you look sloppy.

However, it is definitely not advisable to wear a strapless bra when playing sports or exercising. Sports bras come in racerback, crossback and other designs to not only match your workout gear but also ensure maximum support.

When it comes to cup sizes, Alight suggests increasing a cup size if the underwire of your bra is resting on your breasts instead of underneath or around them. Also, it might be a clear sign for you to increase a cup size if your breasts "spill out" of your bra, forming unsightly bulges when you put on your top.

Alternatively, going down a cup size is also necessary if you find gaps between your chest and your bra, according to Alight. If the underwire touches your armpit area, it could also be a sign that your bra is too big.

What else should you know about bras?

Social news and entertainment site Buzzfeed has revealed 11 bra hacks that every woman should know about. Some examples include converting a T-shirt bra to a racerback bra with a paper clip and also using a salad spinner to dry your bra.

For more tips on how to pick the right bra for the right occasion and other tips and tricks, explore the gallery below.