16-year-old reveals why she got extensive plastic surgery - to win back ex-boyfriend

Reports have stated that this girl from Henan, 16, went through extensive plastic surgery to win back an old boyfriend.

Yesterday, reports surfaced about the girl named Danae, who became an Internet celebrity. Netizens have called her "ugly" and "old", saying her face resembles a fake mask.

However, it seems that many have drastically different opinions about her too.

According to Shanghaiist, she also has a huge fan base, who say that she is "too beautiful to look at" and looks like the "snake spirit" from Chinese folk tales.

Comments lusting after her state: "A 15 year-old-girl with breasts as large as these? I must be drunk."

Reports state that she was born in May 1999 and she already has about a 320,000 following on Weibo.

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