18 pretty red manicures to get you inspired for Chinese New Year

From hints of scarlet to all-out red, the colour in focus every Chinese New Year is comfortingly consistent. Lucky colours are well and good, but sometimes there's only one colour to put you in the festive mood.

Keep scrolling for 18 gorgeous manicures to get you inspired this Lunar New Year. We've split the manicures into Singapore-based nail salons and artists and the rest of the world, just in case you'd like to get the design for yourself.



Photo: glitzyfingers' Instagram

Loving these Chinese New Year themed Hello Kitty nails. Definitely a crowd pleaser and conversation starter.


Photo: Belle Nails' Instagram

Baubles, glitter and striping tape? Tough to maintain but great for a very important celebration.


Photo: Vivian's Nails And Makeup's Instagram

Delicate floral nail art over glittery gradient nails make for an intricate yet subtle manicure.


Photo: Nailed You Good's Instagram

Perfectly traditional yet classy, these nails will match any outfit.


Photo: kiyone+LIM's Instagram

Kiyone + Lim's Japanese inspired nail art is minimalist perfection. It's little pricey, but stunning and unforgettable.


Photo: The Nail Artelier's Instagram

You can always count on a seasonal mani from The Nail Artelier. Love the level of detail involved in this black lace design.


Photo: Sensual Nails Spa's Instagram

These unique "chili nails" are a gorgeous alternative to gold foil embellishments.


Photo: Lee Sharon's Instagram

We're getting an almost royal vibe from these traditional Chinese-inspired nail art designs.


Photo: J Nails Garden's Instagram

We love a cute beckoning cat, and these nails are perfectly elaborate.

Rest of the world:


Photo: Carina Chong's Instagram

Clean lines, negative space and minimalist embellishments make this an incredibly chic manicure.


Photo: Anna's Nails' Instagram

Swarovski studded accent nails are a great way to bring the bling.


Photo: Nails Deco's Instagram

Why not go all-out with shimmery reds, golds, flowers and embellishments?


Photo: Krystal Rae's Instagram

Turn up the drama with deep blood red nails and elevate a simple manicure with a matte top coat.


Photo: sweetheartnailart's Instagram

Aside from the adorable monkeys, the glittery watercolour effect on these nails is incredibly eye-catching.


Photo: Pastel Nail Room's Instagram

Nail art doesn't always have to be intricate. This cute design is simple enough to try at home.


Photo: Nailogue Official's Instagram

A handy trick for a stunning and effortless DIY accent nail? Try a nail decal.


Photo: Jessica Benner's Instagram

Bits of gold nail foil are an easy manicure option because it doesn't have to look perfect.


Photo: beeQnails' Instagram

All you need for this is striping tape, a pair of scissors, and a little patience.

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