2014 wedding hongbao rates: $160 minimum for 5-star hotels

If you're scratching your head over the amount of ang bao (hongbao, or red packet) money deemed appropriate for a wedding dinner in Singapore, perhaps this wedding ang bao guide will ease your frustration.

PerfectWeddings.sg recently released the ang bao market rates for weddings in Singapore for the year 2014 on its Facebook page.

Ang bao rates start at $90 for wedding lunches at hotels like Riverview Hotel and Changi Village Hotel to as high as $260 for a wedding dinner at 5-star establishments like Capella Singapore.

From the guide, ang bao rates typically start at a minimum of $160 for weekend wedding dinners at 5-star hotels like Fullerton Hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel and Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa.

The ang bao guide, however, comes with a note from Perfect Weddings, which states:

"There have been many instances when wedding couples were unable to recover the banquet cost from the ang baos given.

"This Ang Bao Market Rate is a guide to the giver on the appropriate amount to gift to the couple based on the average cost per seat."

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