22-year age gap no issue for HK actress Grace Chan

MAY-DECEMBER COUPLE: Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng and his actress girlfriend Grace Chan. Photo:APPLE DAILY HONG KONG

In the last three months, rookie TV actress Grace Chan has become the talk of the town in Hong Kong - for officially taking one of TVB's most eligible bachelors, Kevin Cheng, off the market.

Rumours of the sexy, sweet-faced 24-year-old TVB starlet dating Cheng, 46, first surfaced in April. A month later, Cheng, who is often portrayed in the media as a Casanova with a string of celebrity girlfriends, confirmed their romance in a rare, tell-all interview with Mingpao Weekly.

He described his young girlfriend, who broke into showbiz after winning the 2013 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, as "smart" and "intellectual".

The couple are believed to have started dating in February, after co-starring in the new TVB vampire-themed series Blue Veins.

Their affection for each other have set tongues wagging in Hong Kong for three reasons.

First, they are a May-December pairing and this has led to media outlets like Apple Daily and Oriental Daily referring to them rather as "a father-daughter relationship".

Then, there is Cheng's playboy reputation. After all, his long list of past rumoured girlfriends includes fellow Hong Kong actresses Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow, and Taiwanese star Annie Liu.


Indeed, Chan is only the second girlfriend Cheng has officially admitted to having - his first was Cantopop singer Linda Wong, whom he dated briefly in 1994.

Lastly, the Hong Kong tabloids have been going on about how Chan's father is "displeased" with Cheng's flying to France to accompany his girlfriend on a recent work trip.

Chan also reportedly spent Father's Day not with her daddy dearest, but at Cheng's house.

In Singapore on Wednesday as part of StarHub and TVB's SG50 celebrations, Chan, looking gorgeous in a cleavage-baring dress, was all smiles as she acknowledged her love for Cheng.

"He's very caring. While we were filming Blue Veins, he helped and taught me a lot," she said in Cantonese.

"Whenever my filming ends late, he'll pick me up from work. Then on my birthday, he threw a surprise celebration with my girlfriends."

On what was the most attractive part of Cheng, the Hong Kong-born Canadian grinned and asked reporters: "Have you seen him in the flesh?"

She added playfully: "So what do you think?"

Their 22-year age gap does not bother her one bit.

"That's not a problem for me. For all my previous relationships, age was never an issue. It's more important that I can communicate with my significant other," Chan maintained.

She also shot down rumours of her father's dislike for Cheng, saying: "I know the (Hong Kong tabloids) want something sensational and eye-grabbing to write about us, but when it involves my family, I'd prefer not to comment so much.

"Kevin hasn't met my parents yet. He's been very busy filming in China. Anyway, I feel there's no need to rush things."

When asked if she's worried about Cheng spending lengthy periods of time in China's entertainment circles where temptations abound, Chan said: "Are there (temptations)? I'm not worried. We share a great chemistry and I don't think I need to scrutinise his every move."

Does she have enough self-confidence to keep his heart in Hong Kong then?

With a laugh, she said: "You should ask Kevin if he has confidence in himself."

One thing's sure for Chan - it is too early in their relationship to talk about marriage.

"He'll have to wait for a little while," she said.

This article was first published on July 10, 2015.
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