3 bad habits that could hurt your marriage

When you're in a long-term relationship, things can get stagnant and predictable. That's when you get so comfortable that you stop consciously making an effort to make your other half feel loved and appreciated. Here are some habits you should kick before they harm your relationship with Hubby.

1. Nagging

We've all probably read about how women are the more talkative sex, speaking up to an average of 13,000 more words compared to men. But how much of it is classified as nagging - and how conscious are we of it? The next time you're cleaning up after your children, stop and do a self-check to see if you're saying things like, "Why do I always have to pick up after you" and other similar phrases.

Complaining is a negative action, and negativity breeds negativity. No one likes to have someone breathing down their neck and pointing fingers every time a hair is out of place.

Clamp down on this unconscious nagging, and you may just see your mood, and everyone else's in the family, improve significantly.

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2. Hiding your grouses from your husband

Even though you should check your urge to complain regularly, you shouldn't bottle all your negative feelings up either. Are you unhappy about the way your parents-in-law are spoiling your kids, or is Hubby's harmless habit of not switching off the lights irritating you to no end?

Bring it up with Hubby in a calm manner, so both of you can figure out a compromise or a way to tackle the issue.

Keeping quiet about these issues can unknowingly affect the way you respond to your spouse and hurt your relationship in the long run.

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3. Rolling your eyes at what Hubby does/says

You may not think much of it, but eye-rolling is a sign of contempt which, according to renowned Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Washington Dr John Gottman, is one of the top indicators of whether or not a marriage will fail.

Behaving dismissively suggests that what Hubby is doing or saying is not worthy of your respect - and is the complete opposite of being appreciative of him, be it his jokes or his actions. This does no favours for your marriage.

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