3 more Nuyou collections

Last year, Chinese fashion magazine Nuyou became the first local publication to co-design a collection with a fashion label.

This year, to mark its 38th anniversary, it has collaborated with three local labels - A.W.O.L by Alfie Leong, Cruise by Nic Wong, and Still by Afton Chen.

The pieces are on sale this month exclusively at Robinsons Orchard.

Each of the designers was tasked to create a capsule collection. Nuyou editor Terence Lee, 38, said: "We wanted the three collections to complete the Nuyou woman's wardrobe."

He describes the Nuyou woman as a "fashion-forward career woman who is well-read and well-travelled, and adventurous at times with colours and cuts in clothing".

Refreshing take

A.W.O.L is known for its unconventional designs, Cruise has a laid-back style which features denim and chambray fabrics, and Still is known for its youthful, understated outfits with clean lines and silhouettes.

Mr Lee approached the three designers as he believed in their labels' aesthetics and knew they could deliver within the short production period.

All three collections were designed in under two months and discussions were done mostly over phone calls and WhatsApp, with just two face-to-face meetings.

Mr Lee said: "All of them are very original and do not rip off international labels. I've also been friends with Nic and Alfie for over 10 years."

Wong worked with Nuyou last year on the magazine's first fashion collaboration. He created a 200-piece collection under his other label Saturday with Nuyou and all but two pieces of the collection sold out.

Mr Lee said: "Last year's collection with Saturday was very urban - there were dresses made of clingy jersey material. This year's with Cruise is more casual."

Wong, 41, said: "The collection is tailored for women who travel, so it has pieces like shirt dresses and jumpsuits which are easy to pack and dress up."

Prices start from $79 for a pair of shorts and go up to $189 for a long dress.

The collection done with Still features workwear, with prices starting at $129 for a pair of palazzo pants to $219 for a jacket.

The A.W.O.L collection is made up of partywear such as cocktail dresses. Prices range from $128 for a tank top to $598 for a silk dress.

All three designers agreed that having Mr Lee's feedback was "useful" and "refreshing".

For example, Wong felt that the key piece Mr Lee wanted - a long shirt dress - would be too expensive as it required a lot of material.

He said: "I usually steer clear of making long dresses, as it's tricky figuring out where the hemline should end."

However, he was pleasantly surprised when the two long shirt dresses in denim that he eventually created were sold out at the collection's launch party at Robinsons Orchard on July 31.Going for colour

Leong, 44, said he had initially intended to use darker colours such as maroon, grey and black for his collection, but he was thankful that he followed Mr Lee's advice to use more colours such as yellow, green and blue to suit the party mood of his pieces. Plus, it looked better when photographed for the magazine.

He also tweaked his usual style so that it would appeal more to the Nuyou reader. It is more feminine and streamlined, with boat-necked tops, dresses and pencil skirts.

He said: "As the editor of Nuyou, Terence has worked with many fashion labels and tends not to be biased towards any one, so he gives good advice."

When Mr Lee was asked if he would make these fashion collaborations a yearly affair, he said: "I hope so. We might work with 10 labels next year, or maybe even work on a collection of jewellery.

"The challenge lies in creating something different, and better, each year."


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