4 easy ways to get supple, soft and smooth skin all over your body


Don't wait until the skin on your body gets dry, scaly and wrinkly.

Start taking care of it now.

1. Help skin retain moisture:

Sisley Restorative Body Cream, $190.​Photo: Sisley

It's more than just a name change for the brand's decade-old Restorative Fluid Body Cream.

Retaining its previous incarnation's nourishing and soothing properties, the improved formula also has plant ingredients such as jioh and carrot extracts to help strengthen the skin's barrier function for even softer, more hydrated skin.

2. No sticky after-feel:

L'Occitane Almond Refining Concentrate, $94.​Photo: L'Occitane

What got us addicted to this lightweight body moisturiser is its scent - it's everything you'd expect from an almond fragrance: sweet, a little musky and very rich.

It penetrates quickly, so you can get dressed soon after application, and doesn't leave skin sticky - so you know your bed sheet won't be soaking up all the moisturising goodness.

3. Help improve circulation in your legs:

Sisley White Ginger Contouring Oil For Legs, $215.​Photo: Sisley

If you spend long hours at your office desk, barely moving, your lower body is likely to feel uncomfortable and heavy by the end of the day.

Massage this fragrant, refreshing gel-like oil from ankle to hip.

The formula tones skin, while its silky texture and pleasurable scent soothes the senses.

4. Help the body store less, and burn more, fat:

Clarins Body Fit Anti-cellulite Contouring Expert, $95.​Photo: Clarins Paris

Here's a mini science lesson.

The body has three types of adipocytes (fat cells): those that gather and store fat, those that burn fat to produce heat, and those that produce fibres to strengthen fat tissues. The quince leaf extract in this formula helps balance the activity of all three types, so that less fat is stored and more is burned.