5 easy ways to save money for your wedding banquet

PHOTO: Pixabay

We all know that weddings can get expensive, but it's really the banquet or the reception that takes up a large chunk of your budget. If your priorities lie elsewhere (such as the dress or entertainment), here are the things you can consider doing to help lower your costs.

1. Make your booking during wedding events and shows

The vendors at these shows usually include special discounts or additional perks that aren't usually given on a regular basis.

2. Have a wedding at a hotel or restaurant

Hotel banquets or restaurant dinners don't come cheap, but they can be offset by your guests' ang pows. Now, I'm not saying that you insist your guests cover their share of the dinner (because it shouldn't be the case and they should not be paying for your choice of venue), but it is still something to consider. Also, with alternative venues, you might end up paying more per head.

3. Have your ceremony and reception in the same place

This way, you'll save on additional venue costs, and you might be able to negotiate for a better rate if you're booking two spaces from the same venue.

4. Skip the extras

Things like dessert bars, an open bar, or even a live band can add up to quite a bit. If you're not particular, you can omit those and consider alternatives such as edible favours, selected drinks (red and white wines, beer, soft drinks and a signature cocktail if you must), as well as a DJ or a pre-selected list of songs played on your music player.

5. Look for a picturesque venue

If you're tying the knot at a space that boasts charming views or romantic details, you can save on the decor and put your money somewhere else that matters. See also: romantic ballrooms as well as gardens from Singapore hotels, as well as lovely outdoor cafes for garden weddings.

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