5 fragrances to get you in the mood for...

Whatever your occasion, there is a fragrance to set the mood.

It's no secret that certain scents can trigger our memories, and take us back to a certain place or person from our past. Fragrance also has the power to shape our moods and is a great way to express our personalities.

Gauri Garodia, founder of homegrown artisanal perfumery Code Deco, says, "Experimenting with fragrance can be a lot of fun. Women are very comfortable playing with fashion and makeup but not as comfortable with the fragrances they wear. Fragrance can serve as a very sophisticated and subtle means of self-expression."

Apart from selecting fragrances based on scent alone, what are some other qualities to look out for? Garodia says, "Once you like a smell and it gives you pleasure, think about the personality/mood or other sensations you associate with that smell. If these associations complement or add to your personality, you should go for that fragrance."

With this advice in mind, here are some recommended fragrances for 5 important occasions in your life:

Important job interview

Code Deco B Minor. Although this is traditionally a more masculine scent, women are able to carry it off quite easily. With notes of crisp, sparkling gin followed by smoky woods and leather, this fragrance demands attention and makes an impression.

Code Deco B Minor is available for $150 (50ml) here and at selected retailers.

First date with a guy you really like

Code Deco Damasc. For an evening date, Damasc is a lovely option. Its notes of Bulgarian rose are characteristic of femininity and regality, but the tobacco patchouli base hints at your unquenchable sense of adventure.

Code Deco Damasc is available for $150 (50ml) here and at selected retailers.

First solo trip overseas

Memo African Leather EDP. Driven by the motto "The Journey is the Destination", the fragrances of Memo are inspired by the founders' obsession with travel and the psychology of journey. With notes of bergamot, cardamom, saffron, cumin, geranium, patchouli, agarwood (oud), leather, vetiver, and musk, African Leather EDP stirs up that sense of excitement you feel just before an epic trip.

Memo African Leather is available for $315 (75ml) at escentials.

Girls' night out with your BFFs

Annick Goutal La Violette EDT. One whiff of this fragrance will evoke memories of fresh flowers and candied desserts. With notes of Turkish rose, violet flower, and leaf, this fresh and floral fragrance is perfect for a joyful night out with your best friends.

Annick Goutal La Violette EDT is available for $150 (50ml) at escentials.

Hot date night (i.e sex is on the cards)

Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance. This alluring fragrance was developed by both a male and a female master perfumer, and is a sensual blend of pink peony and mysterious black vanilla. The heady scents are sure to drive you and your paramour wild with anticipation.

Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance is available for $83 (30ml), $116 (50ml), and $149 (100ml) at Sephora and leading department stores.

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