5 great superfoods for good skin

Don't be lazy now, we promise this diet will work. Celebrities and Dr Oz swear by the anti-ageing diet, saying it prevents premature ageing and rids your body of free radicals - the very toxins that can cause sagging skin and cancer. There are a variety of foods that have anti-oxident properties, but we've compiled a list of budget-friendly foods easily found in Singapore.


Carrots are famous for improving vision, but they also loaded with Vitamin A - a fabulous nutrient essential for healthy, shiny hair. This rabbit food comes in an assortment of colours, but the orange variety will work the best for this purpose. As a rule of thumb, pick the carrot with the strongest orange hue, as it is sign of it having a high amount of beta-carotene - another form of Vitamin A.


Didn't we tell you this diet would be easy? Chocolate has been credited with preventing heart disease. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that consuming dark chocolate on a daily basis significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. The reason? Cocoa contains flavonoids, which is the strongest form of anti-oxidents. Flavonoids help your body repair cell damage, while boosting its anti-oxident properties. So eating a chocolate bar will help you repair skin cells that have been damaged, and rid your body of nasty toxins - giving you a healthier glow. As with most things, not all chocolate is made equal. Choose a chocolate with less processing, such as dark chocolate or unprocessed cocoa powder. This ensures that the vital flavonoids are still very much intact.


Surprised? Having two eggs a day may stave off those wrinkles. The versatile food is filled with iron and biotin. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, Biotin, also known as a B vitamin, is an essential vitamin for healthy skin and hair. A deficiency in it will cause dry and itchy skin, which will lead to wrinkles! Combined with iron - which is also found in eggs - the powerpack duo will work towards maintaining healthy skin cells. So the next time you have breakfast, opt for sunny side up.


Missed your sunscreen? You won't have to worry as much if tomatoes are part of your diet. Have a dose or two or these juicy delicacies and your body will be on its way to it's own UV protection says Dr Oz. Filled with lycopene, tomatoes protect your body from free radicals and hyper pigmentation. The best part? Lycopene doesn't disintegrate after being cooked. So if you aren't a fan of the raw vegetable, you can always have a bolognese and still get anti-ageing benefits.


The pink and green fruit is such a staple in Asian diets that it is paired with a special dip. The next time you decide to buy fruits in the market, pick guava. Not only is it bursting with vitamin C, Dr Oz credits this "exotic" fruit as helping boost collagen production, giving you super smooth skin. Pink Guava also contains lycopene, so you get smooth skin and sun protection all in one fruit!

For more information on anti-ageing superfoods, please visit the Univesrity of Maryland Medical Center, www.webmd.com, and www.doctoroz.com.

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