5 questions to ask yourself before dating a friend's ex

So your friend's ex has asked you out and you really like him but don't want to hurt her feelings.

Or you've been out with him a few times and want to take it further but don't know if that's okay.

Here are five things to consider before taking the plunge.

How Close Are You?

If the friend in question is just an acquaintance - a friend of a friend or someone who is now just a Facebook friend - you shouldn't have issues dating her ex.

But if you're very close, the situation has the potential to get messy.

If there are unresolved feelings, you might lose your friend, as she might feel betrayed.

How Serious Was Their Relationship?

How long they dated is a big factor here.

If it was just a casual fling or they only went out on a few dates, feel free to stake your claim on the guy.

However, if they were serious about each other - especially if they were dating for a few years - it's best for you to back off.

Test the waters with your friend - bring up his name and see what her reaction is.

If it sounds like she still has feelings for him - or if she says as much - don't even go there.

Has She Moved On?

If it's obvious that your friend has moved on (she's extremely happy in her current relationship, for example), it's okay for you to date her ex, especially if a number of years have passed.

However, if she's still moping around and constantly bringing up his name or referring to him as 'the one that got away', he's totally off-limits.

How Does She Feel About It?

The worst thing you could possibly do in this situation is keep your new relationship a secret from your friend.

Tell her that you're dating him and that you want her to hear this from you.

Be honest about how you feel and share any misgivings you might have.

If she gives you her blessing, go forth and date.

Are You In Love?

If you're just lusting after her ex, don't risk your friendship by hooking up with him.

But, if you have genuine feelings for him and can see the relationship going somewhere, give it a go if there are no other obstacles.

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