5 signs your man is not a keeper

Confused about your relationship and whether or not you should take it a step further with your boyfriend this Valentine's Day? Don't be too hasty - let us show you the 5 signs that he might not be your knight in shining armour.

Your relationship is perfect, he's your chubby bunny, you're his baby boo, you two are soulmates, or are you? Valentine's Day marks the day couples' relationships either get stronger, or in some unfortunate cases, crash and burn. Here are five signs your "chubby bunny" might not be the man of your dreams after all.

1. You two aren't even celebrating Valentine's Day

I'm pretty sure Valentine's Day means "put down your things for the day, meet each other, embrace in a long hug and kiss and have fun together to rekindle the spark in your relationship". Unless you two have very important things to do, like an exam to sit for, a medical appointment, etc., I believe that Valentine's Day is as important as any other life event. If your boyfriend shows no interest in taking you out for a romantic day or even planning another day for a make-up Valentine's Day if he is unavailable on February 14, forget that guy. He's probably not that into you anyway.

2. He doesn't care for you when you're sick

As a girl, when I'm ill, I would feel so much better if my boyfriend would make a trip to my house to cook for me, pet my head as I complain about my cramps or terrible migraine, or even just lay down beside me to cuddle me until I fall asleep. If your boyfriend is unwilling to travel to make you feel better when you need him most, maybe he isn't the one for you after all. Of course, you do have to do the same when he's ill and needing your attention too.

3. He compares you to his ex

No girl will ever, ever want to be compared to her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. You and his girlfriend are two different people, and your man cannot expect you to be exactly the same as her. Worse still, if he broke up with her, why would he even want the same qualities in you anyway? If your boyfriend still complains that you are not as gentle or loving as his ex, drop him. You two will never get far in this relationship if he cannot get over his past relationship.

4. He hasn't introduced you to anyone - friends, family, not even his pet dog

If a guy really likes or loves you and wants to be with you long-term, chances are he wants to show you off to the world and let everyone he loves know and love you as well. While it's normal that he doesn't introduce you to his family immediately if you've just started dating, if you two have been together for at least a year, you should be a little worried. It could be a sign that he's just in a relationship with you temporarily, and that might not be what you want.

5. He flirts too much

A little flirting here and there is close to harmless - a cheeky wink to another girl, a tiny touch on the arm, it's usually okay as long as he doesn't have any intentions or is leading anyone on. But if he's out with you on dates and getting touchy-feely with other girls, acting like he's single even around you, or worse still, getting intimate with them, he's not respecting you one bit. Find someone who respects you, has eyes only for you, and doesn't lead other women on. That's what I call a keeper.

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