5 tips to be successful businesswomen in Singapore

5 tips to be successful businesswomen in Singapore

Success in 2016 is wildly different from its definition even five years ago.

Every year there seem to be new jobs that didn't even exist the year before e.g. a Snapchat expert or Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram!

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Aside from professional success, motherhood, fatherhood, what it means to be fulfilled and 'have it all' are being redefined at a lighting fast pace. Living in an age and society where choice is abundant can sometimes be counter intuitive, so we decided to give you a helping hand.


Here are some handy tips we've learnt ourselves or from successful Singapore women like Viola Tan and Rachel Lim:


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Sometimes you need to take advice at face value.

Get outdoors girl! Getting outside physically will help your mental balance. For some this might involve a morning jog or power walk before the day has even begun and then ordering your matcha latte en route to the office, for others it might be an evening hike or dance class followed by an evening stroll.

Viola Tan is always taking pictures surrounded by nature, Birkin and all!


Wear great shoes, always. Seriously, like good underwear, the foundation to a good day and outfit (which can help with a good day) is a pair of killer shoes.

Whether these be fabulous flats, empowering boots or stilettos, find your shoe and own it. One of our favourites style icons, Caroline Issa, says that she always dresses around her chosen pair of shoes for the day!

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As Eva Chen taught us, keeping up to date with industry news is a first-hour-at-work essential, but beyond that staying abreast of international news in general is also a necessity.

No one wants to be caught off-guard and ignorant about what's going on. As much as knowing what the latest moves are between the chessboard of creative directors in the fashion industry is important for me, I also make sure to get daily worldwide news alerts! A well-dressed mind is your best accessory.

Add a slick of bright lipstick and a chic blazer for meetings and you're ready to roll.


Seriously, there are very few people who are really at the top of their game who aren't nice people.

Genuine kindness, concern and relationship-building don't go unnoticed. If you want to be playing with the big fish, don't act like a small one.

Even Queen Bey is renowned for her kindness to every person she meets, and nope, kindness doesn't mean being a pushover. Strength doesn't equal being a nightmare to work with though.

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We've witnessed firsthand Rachel Lim's amazing engagement with her employees.

It's a two way street, those you work with, work for and work above are sources of guidance and at times will require your wisdom. As today's #qotd reads: Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

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