5 tips on how to look and feel your best on Valentine's Day

5 tips on how to look and feel your best on Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is fast approaching, which may quite possibly be the most nerve-wrecking date night out of the whole year.

The stress that comes with picking an outfit for the night may be compounded but fret not ladies, we're here to help.

Whether you intend to spend the evening with a hot new Tinder date or your longtime partner of a decade or more, we've got your covered.

And for the single ladies, it's never a bad idea to look your best on Valentine's Day! Besides, it's always good to do things for yourself.

Keep reading for some important factors we believe you should consider when getting dressed for the big night out.


1. Highlight your favourite body part

We've all got a body part that we love or are most confident of, so this is a no-brainer: Remember to start with the body part that you'd like to show off the most. It could be your clavicle, legs, waist or even the delicate floral tattoo around your ankles.

Play up these areas to get an instant boost in confidence.

2. Show some skin, but don't overdo it

What's Valentine's day without some sexy vibes, right?

That said, we'd recommend striking a balance instead of going all out in this regard. A good Valentine's Day outfit should always be classy and tasteful.

If you are intending to show some cleavage, for instance, we'd suggest that you do it with a long sleeved blouse or a skirt or trousers that go down to at least the knees.

On the other hand, if you wish to bare your legs in a mini dress, you may want to consider a more covered-up blouse at the top.

You might also want to think about experimenting with sheer lace for a flirty peek-a-boo effect.

Trying to make "sexy" happen in skimpy clothes may have the reverse effect of making you look tacky instead.

When it comes to showing flesh, less is always more!


3. Don't force yourself to wear heels (if you don't want to)

One of the biggest fashion misconceptions is the idea that heels will always make the wearer feel sexier.

In our point of view, there's no worse feeling than being stuck out and about in uncomfortable shoes!

The excruciating pain might very well put you in a bad mood throughout the date.

Our suggestion? Always opt for shoes that you are comfortable in.

If you love a skyscraping pair of heels, go right ahead and rock them with all you've got.

But if you are the sneaker sort of girl (like me!) then go for a pair of swanky sneakers.

You can only present the best version of yourself when you feel completely at ease.

4. Accessorise sparingly

It's easy to go overboard and pile on the accessories just because we want to make a lasting impression.

However, the sage advice from the legendary Coco Chanel - a woman who was far ahead of her time - suggests otherwise.

To wit, the style icon has been quoted as saying, "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." We couldn't agree more.

Choose one statement piece to wear or layer a maximum of two delicate pieces of jewellery.

When styled correctly, these little gems will make your outfit shine in a beautifully understated manner.


5. Keep your bag compact

Last but certainly not least, go for a small and handy handbag!

Even if you are coming from work, refrain from lugging along a huge tote with your entire life in it.

A cumbersome bag will quite literally weigh you down, and all that excess baggage may even make you look less "desirable".

Go for something compact and proportionate to your height - an adorable clutch will be perfect for this purpose.

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