5 ways to get that designer bag for less in Singapore

These days, it seems like women are prepared to spend more on a designer handbag than on a holiday or even a car, and they want the rest of the world to know about it. Designer bags have become an outward statement of a lady's status, sense of style and more importantly, their earning power. It's all about the 'It' bag.

I have always been an advocate of investing in a good quality leather bag because it's tested and proven that these babies will last you for a long time to come. However, the price tag that comes along with it can seem insurmountable. So for the young ladies who are still working and saving hard for your designer bag, here are some really useful tips on how you can buy it for less!

For starters, you might want to start figuring out which bag you want to buy, and walking yourself through all the important considerations before committing to a purchase. After you've got the ideal bag sorted, here's what you should do next:

1. Do your research

After doing your homework, start drawing up a list of retailers (both in store and online) that carry the particular style you fancy. This helps you to keep track of all the varying prices. If your bag is made in the same country as the retailer, there will be lower import and duties taxes, which will lower the cost.

2. Pay attention to sales

After you've drawn up a retailer's list, remember to check these sites regularly. For e-retailers, they might sometimes offer special discount codes or a timed sale that feature the bag you want to purchase. Apart from those, end-of-season sales are also a great time to score a brand new designer bag at a discount. However, the best bags usually get snapped up very quickly, so be conscientious in checking if you're really hell-bent on getting that bag!

3. Stalk your favourite bloggers

Of course, there are some brands whose bags never go on sale, or don't have their products up for sale online. With bags like these, it's definitely a challenge to get them for less. So here's one good tip: stalk your favourite bloggers who own the bag you fancy. Bloggers these days tend to get sent a lot of new-season items, so many of them have selling sites or even apps that they use to regularly let go of items that they don't wear as often at a steal. So who knows, you might be able to snag that bag you're coveting at a really reasonable price.

4. Look out for vintage pieces

Disclaimer: Beautiful vintage designer handbags are not always cheap and can sometimes be even more expensive than a brand new bag. It all depends on the bag's condition and the brand in question. However, most of the time, basic bag styles from big brands usually retail for a fraction of the price at vintage sellers, so you might want to consider these.

5. Second-hand or consignment stores

You can definitely save a pretty penny if you purchase a second-hand piece from these places. These days, it's really not that difficult to find great pieces that are still in mint condition due to how rapidly the rich are consuming fashion. These high-net-worth individuals get bored with the bags they buy really quickly, and sell them off to these stores.

It does take a lot of time and effort to find your dream bag for less, so be patient! Truth to be told, if you are still in love with that bag after all that research and hassle, maybe it's worth splurging on. But always remember to weigh your options and financial situation before committing to any big purchase. I hope you manage to snag the bag of your dreams soon. Good luck, and #HappyShopping!

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