7 reasons to let your BFF meet the guy you're dating before it gets serious

The reason why this special person is called your best friend is because more often than not, he/she knows you best. Sometimes, they even know you better than you know yourself.

You may not like it or want to admit it, but how many times has your BFF ended up telling you "I told you so"? So before you enter into your next relationship, you might want to suggest a meet-up with both your bestie and the guy you're dating. Here's why.

1. Your best friend has probably met most of your exes.

They will remember all the times you called and complained about how the man you were interested in made you unhappy for a whole host of reasons. The positive experiences that renewed your faith in love have also been duly noted. Once they meet your current love interest, they will pick up the warning signs before you do. And if there are none, you'll be more assured that this new guy is more prince than frog.

2. Your best friend's judgement is not clouded by pheromones.

Familiar with that heady feeling you get when you have just fallen in love? That's your brain's reaction to attraction and new love. Trust your best friend if they tell you they have a bad feeling about the guy you are seeing. They are more capable of calling a spade a spade since their judgement isn't clouded by the pheromones in your system. You don't have to take your bestie's word for it, but there is no harm in taking time out to see if their concerns are warranted.

3. It is all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Letting your best friend meet the guy you are dating before you take the next step in the relationship is a nod to your bestie, a sign of respect if you will. It is an acknowledgement for all the trouble you have imposed on them in the past. After all, your best pal was the one who gave you a shoulder to cry on after every failed relationship, and helped you get over a breakup. It is simply out of good faith that you let them meet who they may potentially have to deal with this time round.

4. Your best friend has good foresight.

If there is one person who can predict whether your new love interest will last, it is probably your BFF. So if going to a psychic does not sound palatable to you, why not tap into your best friend's radar? Their experience in handling the matters of your heart has already equipped them with the ability to judge if your latest guy is potential marriage material.

5. Prevent future heartache.

A more practical reason for your bestie to meet your guy is also to see if sparks fly between them, which may or may not lead to infidelity. This is akin to buying insurance for your heart where you can nip it in the bud early should you find out that your man is more interested in your bestie than he is in you.

6. Find out if three's a crowd.

By including your BFF in your love life, you will also be able to tell if the three of you are able to get along in the future. If the answer is yes, then expect many wonderful times ahead. If the chemistry is not there, perhaps it is time to start thinking about plan B.

7. Your best friend doesn't want to lose you.

For those of you who have needy best friends, one way to reassure them that you are not going to neglect them after you have a boyfriend is to let him/her meet the guy early on. And if they get along well, or if your BFF doesn't mind third-wheeling, who knows? You'll be able to kill two birds with one three-person get-together.

Do not underestimate the benefits of choosing to let your BFF meet the guy you're dating before it gets serious. You really don't want to make a mistake, and be on the receiving end of the phrase "I told you so"… again.

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