7 things to learn from beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach's daytime makeup tutorial

Finally, the queen has revealed her secrets.

While we have been sleuthing on how to master her makeup look, she dropped a seven-minute video tutorial on Twitter on how she does her daytime look.

Surprisingly, it's easy and like every other well-trained beauty queen, she knows her stuff.

The video also shows her fun side as she talk about products she can't live without and quips, "You don't need to be too technical for this, just put it on," as she applies some lipstick.

Here's what we learned from her tutorial with a mini-guide on where to get the important products she used.

#1 Moisturize to the heavens

A daytime look is only good when you've got good healthy skin. To boost that natural glow, Pia uses the MAC Marine Bright Formula Softening Lotion along with some eye cream.

#2 "Less is more"

You heard it from the queen herself. "If we put too much, it will become thick and cakey and we don't want that," she says while applying her primer.

#3 Be gentle

Upon putting on foundation, Pia used an oval brush and was particular about dabbing the product on instead of swiping it. This is better as you don't tug on your skin nor wipe away the product. For a similar brush to what Pia used, try the Suesh Oval Foundation Brush.

#4 Yes to 3D effect eyebrows

Pia's brow routine is going to put everyone who says "on fleek" to shame. The trick we learned here is find three different colors that match your skin tone and your hair colour to create a thick effect without looking overdone.

#5 Nudes hurt no one

For the eyes, Pia stuck with matte shades in neutral tones. We noticed she invested in these shades as she used the Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette.

#6 Pain is temporary, trophies are forever"

As Pia was tightlining her lids, she gave us this nugget of wisdom, especially for those freaked out over putting a pencil to their eyes. Just practice the technique and find a soft, creamy pencil to achieve well-framed peepers. Take cue from Pia with a nude or white pencil for your lower lash line so your eyes will look wider.

#7 All about that shine

Pia topped her look with gloss and highlight. We loved how she used a liquid product for that dewy finish by using the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal.

(Source: Instagram/PiaAlonzoWurtzbach)