7 tips on how not to be a bridezilla

PHOTO: Pixabay

So you've just been proposed to, and already, there are a million things swirling in your mind for that perfect wedding.

It's normal that you want everything to run smoothly without Murphy's Law attempting to ruin things.

But the moment you start being obsessive, intolerably demanding in the planning and insisting on the best of everything, that's when you transform into a bridezilla.

When that happens, your best friend may actually think twice about being your maid of honour, or those around you will just steer clear of your path.

Here are seven signs that will make good reminders for you to re-evaluate your priorities when you're entering that danger zone.

After all, planning your big day should be fun!

1 Taking prisoners

Even though your wedding is many months away, you panic thinking that the planning won't come through if those involved take even just a short break.

So you insist that they - ie. fiancé and bridesmaids - do not go anywhere till the wedding is over.

2 You're now an expert at the colour chart

You have decided on the colour theme for your wedding, so you want to make sure everything is colour-coordinated.

Because everything must be in the right colour and shade, you can actually tell the difference between a Frosted Rose and Soft Shell colour.

3 Insisting that the people around you look good for you

You become worried that your husband-to-be and bridesmaids will not look good when standing beside you, especially in the pictures.

So you tell them to start exercising months before the wedding to achieve that toned and washboard body.

If you feel generous, you might just sign them up for gym memberships.

4 Fussing over your hen's night

Sometimes it is just nice to let yourself be surprised by what is in store for you, planned by your bridesmaids.

It is not acceptable to dictate the programme when they have put in effort to brainstorm and arrange a fun evening, and are footing the cost.

Learn to relax and go with the flow.

5 When weddings become a competition

Who does not want to win the "wedding of the year" award?

But why have a lavish wedding when you can have one that is different by being simple, and perhaps unconventional?

Be practical and work around your budget.

A grand wedding costs an arm and a leg.

If you have to take a personal loan, or give your fiancé the ultimatum that he better make your elaborate dream wedding come true if he really loves you, then it is time to take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities.

A wedding is not a competition, but a celebration of two people and their love, commitment and the joy that follows.

6 Changing your mind weeks before the big day

You have agreed on a long list of items with vendors and suppliers in preparation for that beautiful wedding, which is just around the corner.

Suddenly you change your mind, deciding against the colour of the satin sash on your dress, for example.

7 All focus must be on you

Remember, the world does not revolve around you.

Besides planning for your wedding, the people involved have a life too.

If you find yourself not paying attention to non-wedding topics and wanting to steer the conversation back to your wedding while your best friend a.k.a maid of honour tells you about her broken love life, it is time to press the "pause" button.

If she can be there for you through thick and thin, then surely you can do the same for her too?