7 ways to take care of your coloured hair like a pro

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In a city full of people, hair colouring is always one way to stand out. Unique colors such as bright teals or ashy grays have begun to join the circle of what is acceptable along with the more classic browns, reds, and blondes. With that being said, it's also quite a challenge to maintain the colour of your chosen shade and make sure its vibrancy stays long after you've left the salon.

We're lucky enough to have a little consultation about these worries with Jake Galvez. As the hair and makeup artist to the stars like Kim Chiu and Andi Eigenmann, he gave us his expert advice during the Watson's Color Your Hair Bold event along with other tips for your coloured tresses.

Revamp your hair care routine A common mistake people with newly coloured hair do is that they retain their old regiment."What they don't know is that they have to use a specialised shampoo, conditioner and a leave on to keep the colour [and] the vibrancy, of the hair colour," explains Jake. Products such as the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner for Color and Perm Lasting Care are especially designed to keep your hair colour bright and long-lasting. So trade in your old hair products for those specific for coloured locks.

When asked about after care he encourages us to treat our hair. "Go to a salon, have a treatment, hair spa, [and] a Brazilian blow out perhaps," Jake says. "And then actually to go ahead and give back the nourishment that your hair is missing." Especially for those who apply heat onto their hair having a good leave on, like TRESemme's new Platinum Strength Serum, is essential. A water based treatment with less perfume is the best option according to Jake as oil based products can leave your hair limp and lifeless.

Check the ingredients Jake tells us to check the pH level before buying any hair product and to avoid sulfactants. "That's technically the main ingredient na nakakatangal ng colour," he says. The high acidity in some shampoos, specifically those for medicinal purposes, can leave your hair looking lackluster.

Fashion colors mean more maintenance We asked if there was a difference between natural colors versus more avant-garde ones. Jake's answer was a resounding yes. "Actually, the safer colors which are the browns and the blondes are easier to maintain. Unlike when you're using a fashion colour," Jake tells us. Hair colors like vibrant purples, deep blues, or ashy grays are merely semi-deposits. Eitherway, a good dye may last you up to a week at maximum before it eventually fades out so be also wary of substandard hair colour formulations.

Look to the colour wheel "[Before you decide on a new shade for your hair], you have to check if it will work with your skin colour," Jake explains. Much like in the world of makeup, Jake says that your undertones should be considered when picking a shade. For those with morena skin tones, warmer shades like brown, blonde, and ash would suit well. While those who are more mestiza with pink undertones should go for red, copper, and gray.

Give you and your hair time to adjust Changing your hair colour can be a shock to both you and your hair, especially for first-timers. " You should start it subtle first," Jake advises. "If your hair is, for example, black you can try a medium brown perhaps, or start by doing highlights first." He encourages us to start with a steady progression from dark to light to possibly more unconventional colors. He also recommends having periods in between your sessions as well for your hair to rest. After all, it's also about the journey, not just the destination.

Limit how often you wash your hair Despite the relief of cool showers in the summer heat, they are the main reason for colour fading. "The number one cause [of colour fading] is that you are washing [your hair too much]," Jake tells us. "If you wash twice a day that will fade a little bit more. Like I said, after care is very important." This is the perfect time to invest in a good dry shampoo such as TRESemme's Dry Shampoo Fresh Clean.

Balyage is the new trend We asked about the hottest colour trends right now and he tells us it's balyage―a blend of ombre but with more dimension. Harsh lines are replaced with more seamless transitions using highlights.

He also noted that people are becoming more experimental. "People are actually starting to be more expressive in terms of colour. So they're braver in terms of choosing colors [like] a wild purple mixed with grey and ash," Jake says. Gone are the days when blonde was almost too much. Now the standards of what is the norm are being pushed, allowing for a new flow of creativity to pour in.