Actor Ian Fang wants close pal Rebecca Lim to make first move on him

Actor Ian Fang wants close pal Rebecca Lim to make first move on him

When it comes to possibly becoming an item, Mediacorp actor Ian Fang wants his close pal, local actress Rebecca Lim, to make the first move.

The straight-talking Fang, 26, said: "Why must I be the one to chase her? Why not she woo me instead?"

Added the China-born actor: "Imagine if I try and I fail, our friendship will be gone. We have a lot of chemistry and our characters complement each other, I don't want to do anything that will spoil the friendship now."

Fang was speaking to The New Paper (TNP) yesterday at the soft launch of Channel 8 drama The Dream Job, which also stars Lim, Shaun Chen, Pan Lingling, Romeo Tan and Jeanette Aw.

In the family drama that will debut on June 27 at 9pm, a rich and mysterious man (Hugo Ng) hires four strangers to be his children, giving them $30,000 each a month to live together under one roof as a family.

Fang and Lim, who play two of the four "siblings", are happy to have each other's company on set.

Lim, 29, told TNP in a separate interview: "It's nice to have him around, he always creates a light-hearted and fun environment for us."

According to her, the cheeky and playful Fang even offers Lim career tips despite being three years younger.

Lim said: "Ian watches a lot of movies and his mindset is not so mainstream. He gives me good advice for my role when I'm restricted by my limited imagination."

The two good friends call each other pet names on the set of The Dream Job, which is still filming, and they are constantly teased by the cast and crew about their tight bond.



Fang said: "Sometimes the crew will say things like, 'You're eating? How come your baby (Rebecca) is not eating?', or 'Why did you come on set so early? To see Rebecca?'"

He laughed and said: "I usually accept the teasing graciously and I tease them back by sitting on Rebecca's lap and saying, 'Yeah, there's something going on between us. So what?' When I play along, people will stop teasing us."

The friendship between the duo is evident as Fang interrupted this reporter's interview with Lim from time to time to insert cheeky comments, much to Lim's amusement.

When Lim was asked what her New Year's resolution was, Fang, who was nearby, chipped in: "Her resolution is to propose to Ian Fang."

To that, Lim simply laughed.

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At another juncture, Fang cut us off with: "I've nicknames for everyone, but I've a special one for Rebecca because she's my baby."

Lim said that her family members and relatives have been asking her about the nature of her relationship with Fang after reading about it in newspaper and magazine articles.

She said: "I tell them that if there's anything, I will inform them. I won't hide it, especially when it's something good."

With Chinese New Year around the corner, Lim is not exactly looking forward to "being grilled" by her loved ones yet again.


"My older and younger siblings are both getting married this year, so I'm sure I'll get more questions on when will it be my turn," she said.

"Maybe I'll pretend to be deaf and pretend not to hear those questions."

She added: "I already have an excuse. I'm going to say, 'I'll get married after my siblings have babies'. If that doesn't work, I'll change topic."

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Posted by Rebecca Lim 林慧玲 on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Their co-star Shaun Chen, 37, said of the pair: "I always tease them as they're very close and I don't know if they're really together.

"Sometimes, when there are only three of us in the room, I would step out and close the door on purpose."

Another co-star Brandon Wong, 44, added: "The two of them are good friends and look so compatible together. Sometimes, when Ian takes Rebecca's car to come on set, I will tease them jokingly. I hope they get together for real in the future."

This article was first published on January 27, 2016.
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